Flowers And Seeds – A New Flavor To Our Edible Palette


Flowers are known for their beauty, elegance and fragrance and are capable of conciliating all our tensions and bring back serenity. A beautifully blossomed garden can light up a dull face; nature is that powerful. Everybody generally fall in love with flowers for their smile and bloom but it is not necessary for a beautiful garden to be filled with only colors. You can also have an edible home garden making your living from the fruits and vegetables from it.

Flowers to embellish and relish your plates

There are few flowers that will find a place in our kitchen sills. It is not only a plant`s flowers but also their leaves and seeds that can add taste to our taste buds. It is in fact an innovative and healthy way of including all these in our daily food for their medicinal values. There are many such undiscovered plants and trees that have the effect of curing even the most deadly diseases for which medicines and cures are yet to be discovered. A detailed study of our history and natural science will reveal all these health secrets and making all those a part of our garden is such a pride. Are these flowers just for decorating our dining tables and plates or for adding taste to our food? There are some plants that can become a part of our daily meal adding both flavor and beauty to the dish. Find more about spring bulbs.

List Of Flavor-filled flowers

Experiment each flower for the taste hidden in them. Below is a list of flowers that can easily replace your regular spices in the cooking area. Just grow them in your garden and use them from the kitchen windows while cooking. These fresh-from-the-gardens are in fact healthier than the ones bought from the stores and are definitely free from insect sprays.

If you want to add a tangy, citrusy touch to your feast, give them s sprinkle of oxalis, tagetes or begonia petals.

Give it a spicy tinge by adding the Mustards, wild rocket and nasturtium flowers.

Sweet meat your dish using the tulip and gladioli petals.

Chive and wild garlic florets can replace onions exactly replicating their taste.

Try using dahlias and nutmeg in place of cloves.

These are some of the many herbs that can easily make your everyday food flowery. Apart from this, there are many other that can help you in a healthy cooking. So now you have better tips and ideas for expanding your garden not just with flower bearing plants but with those that can be a part of your culinary skills.

Hunt for your garden`s treasure

As said earlier it is just not the flowers of a plant that help in decorating as well as adding flavors to our food but also their seeds, petals and leaves. There are close to 60 mouth-watering dishes that can be prepared exclusively with these plant parts adding nothing extra from our regular kitchen. Have you tried any of them out? Visit an herbal nursery around your place, spend some time with the plants there, you will understand the magic in them for a healthy living. It is always safe to use natural products and that too, if it is from our garden, it becomes all the more better. It gives us satisfaction and pleasure and you are giving your dish the touch of nature directly without processing it. That sounds great right?